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Why Staff Augmentation is the Key to Successful Projects

why staff augmentation

If you’re looking for “plug and play” hiring solutions, then you’re in the right place. The present is all about “agility”, whether it’s agile software design techiques or agile hiring, everyone wants a “snap” solution.

In today’s blog, we ‘ll discuss the best hiring solution, as we talk about staff augmentation and how it’s the key to successful projects.

Just some brain matter to get you started. According to statistics from PR Newswire, companies are expected to spend $81.87 billion in staff augmentation by 2025. So, you can understand how much businesses are keen on utilizing staff augmentation solutions rather than hiring full-time employees.

Now, let’s discuss in detail, staff augmentation, and how it is the key to fast and successful completion of projects.

How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

Staff augmentation is a practice mainly followed in the IT industry, whereby firms don’t hire a permanent resource. Rather, they contact a staff augmentation partner. The staff augmentation partner provides them with the desired resources to complete their project.

In turn, the partner charges for the resource on an hourly basis. For example, if you need an IOS developer to complete your app development project, rather than contacting a recruiter or posting on Linkedin, you contact a staff augmentation partner.

The partner provides you with an app developer based on an hourly rate. Now, you don’t need to go through a lengthy recruitment process, nor do you need to pay for the benefits required to keep a full-time employee.

But that’s not all. Hiring a resource from a staff augmentation partner is relatively cost-effective. According to statistics, 70% of businesses find staff augmentation a cost-effective solution, compared to hiring a full-time employee.

Now let’s explore why you should turn to staff augmentation solutions for your business

Why Staff Augmentation?

Here’s when you should turn to staff augmentation solutions for your business.

1. When you experience an increased workload

There are many times when businesses experience increased demand because of seasonal fluctuations. As a result, businesses need more resources to cater to the increasing demand. For example, you own a digital agency. Suddenly, because of the Christmas season, many of your clients start demanding captivating graphics that showcase their products for the Christmas sale.

As a result, you realize that there is an increased burden on your existing resources, which may lead to missed deadlines and delayed work being delivered to the client. Now you have two options to choose from.

Either you hire resources by posting a job on Linkedin, or you go for the services of a staff augmentation company. In the first case scenario, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to go through a tiresome recruitment process, requiring continuous screening of candidates. In the second scenario, you’ll get a resource in no time.

Thus, by availing the facilities of staff augmentation you’ll get a resource right away to cater to your needs.

2. When you’re facing a skills gap

Now, continuing with our example of the digital agency, you plan to upscale your business and enter the field of app development. But, you realize that you don’t have an app developer to begin with. This is where you face a skills gap.

Now, either you roll out a position for hiring, or you contact a staff augmentation agency. When you go for a second option, you immediately get hold of a skilled app developer who suits your requirements.

Thus, you can immediately start advertising your services, and get hold of orders instantly, rather than waiting for a resource because of the tedious hiring process.

What’s even better is that staff augmentation companies specialize in their respective field. As a result, they have talented professionals who are veterans in their skills. This means that you only need to tell them about your requirements and they’ll cater to your needs accordingly.

Next, let’s explore in-depth the advantages of availing IT staff augmentation services for your business.

How Staff Augmentation Benefits Your Business

Here are the benefits of staff augmentation for your business.

1. Improved flexibility

Staff augmentation provides improved flexibility by providing you with the resources that you need according to the scale of your business. So, you can easily switch between resources without the added costs and hassle of hiring them. For example, if you see a surge in the demand for app development, you can hire an app developer, or developers, at a day’s notice.

Similarly, when the demand for app developers falls, and that for websites rises, you can ask the staff augmentation services to replace the services of the app developer with a website developer.

2. Wide talent pool

When it comes to staff augmentation, you’re not restricted to the talent pool of resumes that you’ll find in your mailbox. Rather, you can choose talent from all the staff augmentation companies present in your area. So, you can choose the level of skills that you’re looking for without having to extensively search for them.

3. Scalability

Staff augmentation is the best way around when it comes to upscaling or downscaling your business. Whether the workload increases or decreases, you can remove or add staff to your business.

Thus, you don’t have to pay any severance benefits to your employees, if you no longer need them, just tell the staff augmentation company and they’ll oblige accordingly.

Similarly, if you want to add more employees to your workforce, just ring your staff augmentation partner, tell them your requirements, and they’ll fulfill them.

4. Reduced recruitment costs

When it comes to recruiting the right talent, the first thing you do is contact a recruiter. The recruiter will charge a fee for their services, and after a set of interviews, will provide you with the ideal candidate.

Also, once a candidate is hired, you’ll not only be paying them their salary but also the entitled benefits, regardless of whether there is work to be done or not. Moreover, for some reason, if you decide to terminate the employee, you’ll also have to pay severance benefits. Furthermore, you’ll also be paying the recruitment agency for their services.

So, when you keep a full-time employee, you’re paying them a ton of money, as well as the costs associated with hiring them. However, when you contact a staff augmentation company, you’re avoiding all these hassles, as you only pay by the hour, and all other benefits are the responsibility of the staff augmentation company.

So, you get a flexible full-time resource without having to worry about the additional costs associated with recruitment.

Thus, IT staff augmentation has numerous benefits for your business.

The Takeaways

Now, time to recap what we learnt from this blog.

  • IT staff augmentation has numerous benefits for your business, it provides you with the best resources without the need to hire a full-time employee.
  • Staff augmentation also provides opportunities for flexibility and scalability, by providing you with resources at a minute’s notice, helping you fill the skill gap, and meet sudden demand spikes.
  • Thus, staff augmentation in the IT industry is a great way to meet business requirements and promote an agile work culture.


Hence, staff augmentation is a great solution for businesses looking for a quick solution to add resources to their existing team.

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