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Staff Augmentation – The New Recruitment Technique

Organizations requires a well knowledged and reliable resource for its specialized operations to fulfill fast-changing corporate goals and consumer expectations. 

Due to scarcity of IT personnel, many startups and even some established businesses are outsourcing vendors and remote professionals. However, a lack of skilled staff can cause project delays, compromise company’s goodwill and result in poor ROI.

To minimize the lack of professionalism in IT organizations, the staff augmentation strategy works best to find potential employees and decrease operating expenses while boosting productivity and efficiency. It is a cost-effective approach in bridging any existing skill gap inside the firm, making it a win-win structure for the corporation.  

In this article, we will elaborate on the notion of staff augmentation services and highlight how its implications for company and technological operations are profitable. Before getting into the detailed structure, you need to know first; what staff augmentation is? What parameter has been chosen while working on this approach?

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a low-cost, flexible outsourcing method in which firms employ IT personnel from a third party on a contract basis for specific projects. It delivers appropriate resources at the correct time for immediate and faster collaboration with not only startups and mid-tier organizations but also huge enterprises to satisfy project objectives.

In simple terms, Staff augmentation is the temporary use of outside workers to supplement an organization’s capacity.

Why are we in need of Staff Augmentation?

As an enterprise, you may be engaged in IT projects that necessitates the addition of new experts to the team. Furthermore, the skillset you want may be of a different country’s quality, making it necessary to hire from different parts of the world.

Staff augmentation allows you to recruit IT specialists to fill critical roles in your organization, either permanently or temporarily. It enables organizations to pick individuals who meet their technical needs and to expand or reduce the augmented workforce as needed. There are several firms provide staff augmentation. These outsourcing companies assist you in augmenting your in-house staff with qualified technical talents.

The benefits of staff augmentation services are numerous; it is a cost-effective technique that results in faster scalability for a corporation. While its obvious progressing results, some businesses are still very ambiguous of staff augmentation. Below, we have listed some of the benefits that amazes the overall productivity of the organization. 

Benefits of Staff Augmentation:

  • Reduces the Recruitment Time

The recruitment process itself involves a significant amount of time, planning, organizing and resources. Formulating a perfect job description to be posted on various employment boards. Shortlisting and interviewing individuals will also consume time. If you happen to drive straight into a wall during this procedure, you will need to abort and redo again.

The entire responsibility of recruitment lies in the staff augmentation starting with the IT staff. Your remote development team may be up and running in a matter of days.

  • Access to a Talented Pool of Experts

You only choose whatever abilities and technical competence you want individuals to have. Staff augmenting firms does not spend time proposing IT workers who lack the necessary expertise. Such firms get to choose from a worldwide talent pool of remote software engineers implying that you can work with specialists from all around the world.

In simple words, Staff augmentation allows you to utilize both internal and external resources, as well as identify and fill the gaps. Specialists contribute their skills and expertise to a project saving time on training and retention.

  • Be More Profitable

Staff augmentation not only reduce the expense of recruiting full-time staff, but it also saves on extra operating expenditures. Employees employed in this manner must be paid exclusively on a project basis, avoiding the payment of full-time salaries during the period when the project is not in progress.

Insurance and other incentives that are compulsory when recruiting full-time employees are omitted, resulting in reducing the associated operational costs.

  • New Perspective

Although veteran personnel may be excellent at their jobs, they may lack new ideas and perspectives on a particular project. They may finish the project, but might not provide something remarkable or new to satisfy consumer expectations.

However, by recruiting new project managers with the required expertise, you may get fresh insights and unique ideas. This can improve your organization’s performance and help you achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. 

  • Be more Secure

In contrast to comprehensive project outsourcing, staff augmentation allows you to maintain a control over IT project management. Since the work is done in-house, total control over all aspects of the project is possible. 

There is better control over the ultimate output and project quality, which is highly helpful for the project in the long run.


Staff augmentation is an efficient method for resolving complicated employment issues. It helps businesses to save money, stay organized, and flourish. 

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