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Understanding Cyber Security Challenges and Emerging Trends

Cyber Security

If you own a computer, an Android device, a Smart Watch, or any other Smart/ IoT device, then you’re on the brunt of a cyber security attack. Don’t think so? According to statistics, between 2022 and 2023, 66% of the companies worldwide were victims of cyber attacks. So, it’s important that you start educating yourself […]

Creating a Seamless User Experience Through UX Design

user experience

How many times have you opened up an app or a website, and the next 10 minutes become a test of your patience? It’s probably been the case many times, hasn’t it? This is where user experience comes in. User experience is the spine of every app and website. It’s what ensures that when a […]

What is Virtual Reality, and how does it work?

virtual reality

 It’s all possible because of virtual reality. Virtual Reality (VR) inevitably derives from the meanings of ‘virtual’ and ‘reality.’ The concept of ‘virtual’ is close.