Best WordPress CRM Plugin To Use This Year

What is the purpose of WordPress CRM plugins? Let’s start by agreeing that keeping track of business connections can really eat into your daily schedule, depriving you of the time you need to expand your brand – and without growth, your firm may soon go from forward-thinking to backward.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies are meant to assist you in regaining the time. Many CRMs also help with correspondence, which can be the difference between a missed business opportunity and the closing of a big contract. It’s no surprise that, once again, WordPress is adaptable enough to meet the need for such software, with a plethora of best WordPress CRM plugins to pick from.

It is one of those tools that every business eventually acquires. Some organizations, however, seek simply the absolute minimum, whilst others want complex field modifications to keep strong connections.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were best CRM plugins for wordPress that integrated customer relationship management directly into your WordPress website? Fortunately, there are plenty, and we’ll go through the best of them.


HubSpot is an all-in-one growth platform that assists organizations in growing more effectively. Businesses can use the platform to better engage, manage, and delight consumers. It provides a plethora of free tools like CRM, digital marketing, live chat and chatbots, ad administration, reporting, forms, and more.

The free CRM software includes all you want to organize, manipulate, and nurture possibilities and clients. It offers you get entry to all the contact statistics in one place. Each contact, consisting of smartphone conversations, emails, conferences, and notes, is meticulously documented.

It’s also a local WordPress plugin that permits you to govern the flow of your contacts directly from the WordPress admin panel.


WP-CRM is an excellent solution for adding custom Meta-data to the WordPress user management system. Contacts are simple to create, and you may include as many or as few features as you choose. You can even set up notifications with little coding skills.

WP-CRM is free; however, other add-ons such as group chat are available for purchase.

Zero BS WordPress 

There is no BS. WordPress CRM claims to be the “simplest and quickest” WordPress CRM plugin available. In addition to online invoicing, a client portal, and Zapier connectivity, the plugin provides anticipated CRM capabilities such as customer management, custom field creation, and front-end lead forms. Both online invoicing and Zapier connection are new capabilities that were not included in Version 1.

This WordPress CRM plugin, like WP-CRM and UkuuPeople, is free, but further extensions such as importing item sales history and Stripe connectivity may be bought.


Although UpiCRM is a stand-alone application, it is readily incorporated with contact form plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Caldera. It has an easy-to-use sales hierarchy mechanism, and contact form data from numerous websites may be imported into UpiCRM. It provides simple functionality that collects leads and assigns them to the user of your choosing.

WP-CRM System

This comprehensive WordPress CRM plugin lets you generate as many records as you need while also allowing your whole team to view customer data. Contacts, tasks, and projects may all be managed simply in the WordPress admin area. In the WP-CRM System, projects may even be allocated and categorized based on how likely a prospect is to make a purchase.

The main plugin is free; however, extra extensions like Zendesk Connect connection and invoicing may be purchased.


Presspoint has various capabilities that are not commonly available in a single free choice, which is why many users prefer this high-end application over free alternatives. In addition to email automation, the platform includes opportunity management, custom forms, and even e-commerce. Custom profiles and folders can also be created.

Woo Commerce

At least 30% of all online retail websites utilize WooCommerce as an e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce CRM is used by people that operate the tool on WordPress. Unfortunately, it is not stand-alone software; thus, you must utilize the e-commerce version. You may make phone calls, send emails, and track orders. In reality, calls may be made directly from the contact’s record, so the new form is precisely where it should be.

The required WooCommerce tool is free; however, it is rudimentary. Extensions, such as Amazon Pay and Zapier, can be purchased, although some can cost up to $250.

Salesforce Web-to-Lead Solution

You can combine your WordPress accounts using Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce. The application is simple to use, and with it, you can begin importing leads right away; that’s part of your Salesforce account. It will also provide you with a rudimentary idea of how Salesforce’s other products are connected to WordPress. Indeed, WP Engine provides a comprehensive introduction to Salesforce WordPress integration to get anyone getting started.

Bitrix24 CRM

The free Bitrix24 CRM tool is another solid WordPress CRM choice. This isn’t a standard plugin but instead worked on WordPress-specific integration.

It saves contacts in your WordPress user database and can manually or automatically add contacts by using a lead generation form on the website. If you don’t want your prospects and customers to be categorized as users, you can pick the default role assigned to your choice.


Once your website is live, the need of WordPress CRM is mandatory. It assists you to connect with clients and get into the contact for business development. With the help of CRM plugins, you can get into the clients requirement and provided them with the best services.

CRM technologies can also be used to identify underperforming client segments and growth opportunities. We mentioned a couple of possibilities before.

There are others on the market, and new ones are being made regularly. We’d want to understand more about how you handle client information and interactions. Please leave your opinions in the comments!

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