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Best Way to Build Customer Relationships on Social Media

With the advent of technology, our social needs have increased. There is a constant need to be connected with as many people online as possible. which serves as a form of validation in society. While having these fake connections can become toxic sometimes, it can also prove to be really beneficial when used for the right reasons.

In the current age of social media, we have seen businesses take advantage of these social platforms to connect with their customers on a more personal level.

Is it Important to have a Relationship With Your Customer?

The answer is a big time YES! 

Many successful businesses online understand the importance of social media and are embracing it well in the most beneficial way. It is important to learn about your customer’s preferences and get their feedback to be able to target their needs more effectively and to be able create a want for their products.

While the technology is changing day by day, there is no rocket science in developing a healthy relationship with your customers. This article will guide you on improving your use of social media and teach you how to build relationship with your customers.

5 Effective Ways Of How to Build Customer Relationships With Social Media

  • Get to Know your Audience
    One of the most beneficial tools of social media is the statistics tool that helps you study your customer base and learn about their preferences. Once you know what catches your customer’s attention and what are the things in which they show an interest, then you can reach out to your customers more efficiently and greatly improve your conversion rate.

  • Create a Platform to Converse With Your Customer
    There are various social media platforms that can help you connect with your target audience. Some use the medium of pictures and videos while others use plain text and feedback forms. Our suggestion would be to incorporate all these mediums into your platform to reach the maximum number of audience members and to connect with them on a personal level creating a long-lasting relationship.

    Hosting a Facebook/Instagram live event, replying to customers in the comment section, posting a feedback form or even providing emails to help the customer reach you directly and give their feedback are just some of the methods you can employ.

  • Create a Brand Voice That Resonates With The Customer
    On social media, users are more likely to interact with other users instead of any of the brands directly. You should think about encouraging business executives to have social media accounts where they (or staff acting on their behalf) post messages and information in more casual and informal ways. Social media algorithms frequently favour individual users’ accounts above those of brands.

    You can come across as more real and natural by using pronouns like “I” and “me” instead of “us” even if your best option is to remain using a brand account. Another possibility is to choose your social media manager or brand manager to become an influencer and promote them as a personal brand on social media. They may end up representing your company’s brand, and help your audience connect with you and relate to your brand’s ideology.

  • Provide Value on Social Media
    You can publish a smorgasbord of different kinds of information on social media. Naturally, some of it will be more sales-oriented since the goal of your brand is to eventually generate profits while also meeting the requirements and concerns of your customers.

    The instructional and free value you offer to your audience, whether it be in the form of gifts, coupons, or knowledge, must be balanced well with your promotional content.
    You can utilize a Facebook or Instagram profile to visually communicate your company’s worth. Or, you can start a Twitter thread that shares information and create awareness.

  • Build an Online Community
    The last piece of advice we have is to concentrate on creating a community. Invite your audience to join, whether it be through a Facebook Group, another online community, or branded hashtags. 
    You can start your own community, a Facebook group, an Instagram page or research other websites that are excellent for creating communities. This is a great way to keep people aware of and talking about your brand, even when you’re not directly selling to them.



To have an impactful relationship with your customers, you have to make yourself available to them. As long as you continue to assist your followers—instead of just expecting them to assist you—social media will be a useful tool for building your brand. Make meaningful content, use live videos, Facebook groups, reply to DMs, and comment on other people’s posts. If you follow these suggestions, your social media engagement will undoubtedly soar and you’ll be able to create a powerful brand.

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